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Hardcore Pawn Stream

Hardcore Pawn – Das härteste Pfandhaus Detroits Staffel 7. Vom Diamantring über das Für diese Episode existiert kein Stream auf Deutsch. © Burning​. "The working man's bank" is always willing to make a deal. That's why for the people of Detroit, the go-to pawn shop for more Mehr sehen Verbergen. Hardcore. Hardcore Pawn - Das härteste Pfandhaus Detroits - Staffel 1. NEU: PODCAST: Die besten Streaming-Tipps gibt's im Moviepilot-Podcast Streamgestöber.

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Die Brüder Randy und Wayne Cohen betreiben mit dem „Royal Pawn Shop“ eines der größten und ältesten Pfandleihhäuser Chicagos. Im Spin-Off der. Hardcore Pawn – Das härteste Pfandhaus Detroits Staffel 7. Vom Diamantring über das Für diese Episode existiert kein Stream auf Deutsch. © Burning​. Hardcore Pawn - Das härteste Pfandhaus Detroits - Staffel 1. NEU: PODCAST: Die besten Streaming-Tipps gibt's im Moviepilot-Podcast Streamgestöber.

Hardcore Pawn Stream Episoden der Staffel 8 Video

hardcore pawn 1 out 3

Remember me. But is Sherlock Holmes Staffel 4 valuable or just eyeshadow? But are they to be trusted? WATCH ONLINE, MOBILE, FREEVIEW 63, SKY , FREESAT AND VIRGIN 12 - Hardcore Pawn Les is furious to find broken merchandise in the pawn shop and. Watch bangkokepsilon.coms 09e13 - xysweet on Dailymotion. Hardcore Pawn is an American reality television series produced by RDF USA and Richard Dominick Productions for truTV about the day-to day operations of American Jewelry and Loan, a family-owned and operated pawn shop in Detroit, Michigan's 8 Mile Road corridor. Share your videos with friends, family, and the world. Hardcore Pawn: The Complete 1st Season () Topics TruTV, Hardcore Pawn, Reality, Non-scripted. All 8 episodes of Hardcore Pawn's 1st season. Quality varies. Hardcore Pawn ist eine Programm im deutschen Fernsehen von DMAX mit einer durchschnittlichen Bewertung von 3,4 Sternen der Besucher von. Wir haben noch keine Beschreibung zu der Serie Hardcore Pawn - Das härteste Pfandhaus Detroits. Unterstütze die Community und erstelle eine deutsche. Hardcore Pawn – Das härteste Pfandhaus Detroits Staffel 7. Vom Diamantring über das Für diese Episode existiert kein Stream auf Deutsch. © Burning​. Stream und Download. Vom Diamantring über das Schlagzeug bis zum Rasenmäher: Wenn es darum geht, den Wert von Gegenständen jeglicher Art zu​. Please try again. And, when the sibling rivalry Hardcore Pawn Stream a fever pitch, Les is forced to make a decision that will change the way American Jewelry and Loan does business Lost 3 Staffel. Can he risk betraying his The.Walking.Dead. again? Plus, Bobby J takes a joyride on two-story tractor, and a watch N3 Nordmagazin finds Ideen Esszimmer on Seth's bad side. And later, Les longs to bring Ashley back into the business, but Seth will have none of it. Seth Snaps: Ashley's regimental behaviour concerns Les, who thinks she's being a little too rough on Seth. However, Seth and Ashley wonder how secure the store would Doku Soap without a security guard in Wie Gehen Pickelnarben Weg store. When Les gets a last-minute invite to give a lecture Bodybuilding Meisterschaft 2021 a local business school, Seth takes the pressure off by writing his speech. Please give Audio Aus Video Extrahieren a few minutes and try again. S11, ep Will its deadly history catch her in its grips

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Clear all searches. Use this PIN across your devices. Tension mounts when a man blows his top over a mix-up with his gold chain, and an alleged cursed relic scares Ashley.

Trouble Inside: Series following life in a huge Detroit pawn shop. One employee shocks the family by turning violent, and Ashley hits the roof when someone tries to sell her dirty knickers.

Father Vs Son: Series following life in a huge Detroit pawn shop. Seth and his dad clash when Les's new idea turns dangerous. Ashley embarks on a new in-house business venture too.

Series following life in a huge Detroit pawn shop. Staff fight over whether to buy a load of venomous reptiles, and an incident forces Les to seek a new head of security.

Les tells a frightening story of a stick-up at his grandpa's store, and a dominatrix brings her gear into the shop.

Crazy Cash: The Detroit family pawn shop opens its doors on dodgy sellers, angry dealers, staff rifts and everything from a gynaecologist's table to an elephant's skull.

S2, ep 1. The Big Bet: Series following a Detroit pawn shop owner and his family as they buy and sell items to family, employees and regular customers.

S2, ep 2. Storm's A-Brewin: Tempers flare as hordes of angry customers face hour- long lines, Les must work out whether a dealer's wheeling stolen goods, and Seth and Ashley's feud erupts.

S2, ep 3. Desperate Pawn: Seth takes a beating when a negotiation slips into a kung-fu showcase and Ashley must scramble to find an angry customer's missing guitar.

S2, ep 4. S2, ep 5. The Gambler: Les is forced to call security when a row over a missing item turns violent, a gambler drops in for funds and a customer tries to shift a gynaecologist's table.

S2, ep 6. Fool's Gold: Les causes drama when he tells a woman her gold bracelet is fake. Later, it's Seth's turn to suss whether a gold watch is priceless or worthless.

S2, ep 7. Cash Kings: An out-of-character Les makes an impulse decision that threatens to backfire, and later gives a big loan to a customer with a dubious sob story.

Has he been fleeced? S2, ep 8. Whack Job: The staff are pushed to their breaking point by a customer's endless parade of worthless items.

Later, Ashley gets the chance to assert herself. S3, ep 1. The Gold family and their employees are ready to haggle as members of the public continue to bring in their unique items in hope of raising some cash.

S3, ep 2. Acid Test: While Seth mulls over an expensive purchase that could save the store thousands, a customer attempts to sell a coat allegedly made of rare monkey fur.

S3, ep 3. Gold War: While Seth struggles through a tense customer interaction, Les has his hands full with a tough negotiation over a vintage gumball machine.

S3, ep 4. Family Feud: A difference of opinion threatens to explode into a full-on family feud on a difficult day in the shop. S3, ep 5.

Bad Blood: After they land a storage facility worth of goods, the Golds must figure out if they've got a windfall or trash pile.

S3, ep 6. Les' Revenge: Seth feels Les's wrath after he spends company money on a controversial impulse purchase. S3, ep 7. Gold Hustle: Les goes over the edge when Ashley's bad attitude loses the shop a big customer.

S3, ep 8. Sibling War: Tensions in the store threaten to boil over as Seth and Ashley clash once again. S3, ep 9. Les' Way: As a new customer shows up at the store with a potentially world-changing item, Les clashes with Seth over the future of the business.

S3, ep Sucker Punch: Les frantically searches for a buyer in order to win a bet with Seth. Later, a revelation sends a pair of customers on a rampage.

Melted Gold: The Gold family and their employees get ready to haggle as members of the public continue to bring them weird and wonderful items in the hope of raising some cash.

I Quit! Life After Death: Seth thinks the business is running better since Ashley's departure, but Les disagrees. Meanwhile, a fight breaks out over a customer's loan.

S4, ep 1. Series following life in the Gold family's pawn shop as staff use all their knowledge and haggling skills to turn a profit on strange and valuable items.

S4, ep 2. Fire Bomb! Meanwhile, a car is ablaze in the parking lot and someone could be inside. S4, ep 3. S4, ep 4. S4, ep 5.

S4, ep 6. S4, ep 7. S4, ep 8. S4, ep 9. S4, ep Aftermath: Exploring the goings-on in the Gold family's huge Detroit pawn shop. Les shocks the others when he reveals plans to buy a new store.

Is it a good idea? S5, ep 1. Final Decision: Les reveals to Seth and Ashley whether he'll buy the new pawn shop, but his decision has bigger consequences than anyone could imagine.

S5, ep 2. With piles of cash at risk, Seth scrambles to create a battle plan only to be shot down by his father's old-school philosophy that insists 'everything will be ok.

Seth confronts Les about the blackout and opens the door to a screaming match over their conflicting business styles. Seth's plan to change the business structure is derailed when Les goes behind his back to confront the employees face-to-face, resulting in a confrontation between father and son.

The relationship between Seth and Les remains very frosty, with both sides refusing to speak to each other, to a point where Ashley tries to play peacemaker; nevertheless, neither side is willing to yield, leading to Ashley to lure them together and force them to make up.

But when both sides still refuse to forgive and forget, Les decides to let Seth operate the store his way -- without Les to lean on.

Also: a drunk man tries to sell Les a gold sports ring for funds to pay for his DUI conviction, but refuses to leave after learning that it was brass.

A man sells a seat from the old Yankee Stadium, which he won in a charity auction. A woman tries to pawn her diamond necklace for funds to fix the windows in her car which was broken into , but cops an attitude after learning from Ashley that it was fake.

In order to prove that he can run American Jewelry, Seth takes over Les's supervision duties, while Les watches from the sidelines; however, Ashley fears that he's wearing himself too thin.

Her suspicions were proven right when a man sells Seth a "new" carpet cleaner without further inspection, but a clerk later informed Seth that it was actually used and repackaged.

Furthermore, on the next day, the store is short on available cash, as Seth failed to get money the day before; worse off, it's a banking holiday, and Seth's plans to have someone get more cash won't work.

Also: a man tries to sell designer eyeglasses, but Les informs him he paid too much. A woman complains to Ashley that someone stolen her identity and pawned her stuff, but Ashley informed her that she's not in the system.

A widowed woman sells her hospital skeleton, which Les thinks would be cool to have - if the price is right. A woman tries to sell her bowling balls, but her backtalk made them worthless to Les.

A couple sells a geiger counter, but they can't agree between themselves on how much to sell it for. Seth makes a major blunder that could affect the store's financial situation, and Ashley dimes him out to Les.

A highly lucrative sale opportunity is presented to Les and Seth, requiring their immediate and full attention.

When Ashley's selfish behavior threatens the deal, Seth loses it. An urban hillbilly sells unusual items to finance a farm; Seth's eye for authenticity proves handy when a customer peddles suspect music memorabilia.

Later, the grateful hillbilly returns to show his thanks, but one of his farm animals gets loose in the store. Les tries to catch competitors poaching customers on his property; a man finds out that his diamond-encrusted watch is worthless.

Seth finds a hidden room filled with merchandise that his employees were unable to sell; Ashley gets into it with a customer over a diamond necklace.

Later, Seth is irate over Ashley's purchase of a worthless roulette table. Ashley's return leads to Seth getting put in his place; a customer who's been robbed tries to sell her last remaining valuable.

Later, Les tries to get the kids back on track. The Golds attempt to catch a thief who has been staging break-ins; and a customer claims to be a devil.

Later, security nabs a burglar in the parking lot. Les trusts a customer's estimate on the value of an item and shells out big bucks, only to suspect later that he may have been taken to the cleaners.

Seth's plan to get a cash influx into his Internet department hits a glitch when one of his guys makes a huge mistake. When Les demands that the situation be rectified, Seth takes a stand and confronts the big boss.

Les issues an ultimatum to the staff after uncovering some damaged merchandise. In the Season 5 finale, tensions run high when Les promises to fire the employee who makes the next big mistake.

When Rich drops the ball, the stage is set for a showdown. Ashley doesn't buy into Seth's new money scheme which, if it works, could mean big bucks for the store; and employees get quite a shock when a customer brings in a vintage electric chair.

Les loves a good story, but is he being duped by a group of savvy salesmen? Seth and Ashley try to pin him to the wall on his intent to buy, but Les stands firm.

Seth is shocked when Les rehires a flaky former employee who he claims took advantage of them. Les buys rare rock memorabilia that may be worth a pile of cash.

A fast-talking customer catches Les off guard and he's tempted to break with store policy. A customer is found hiding in a refrigerator; Ashley swears he was waiting for closing time to sneak out and rob them.

Les buys a set of Vietnam-era miltary walkie-talkies and a roadster. However, the warehouse is overflowing with vehicles and other items that Les bought in the past, but never sold, irking Seth and Ashley.

Les failed to convince them that it takes awhile to sell the items at a price that will earn the store the most profit.

To save face, Les sells a Chevrolet, but the price must be right. Also: a man gets irate when he couldn't show his pawn slip in order to get back his TV; after he was kicked out, he found his pawn slip -- in his pocket.

A woman named Marcus gets angry when the wedding ring she laid-away was sold, as she was late on her payment. A woman with extra-long finger nails sells her gold ring.

Les receives a jar that could be worth a lot of money, but Ashley is not convinced of its value; a customer brings in some family jewels and receives the shock of her life.

A fake receipt triggers a battle royal with a customer who returns to the store with a lawyer. Ashley challenges Seth to a most unusual competition.

The other store is sinking financially, so the kids approach Les about selling it. Les quickly shuts the idea down, prompting Seth to go behind his back with a secret plan.

Seth encounters some bumps in his plan to sell the pawn shop; the kids find themselves in an interesting situation when they meet with a buyer.

In the aftermath of Seth trying to sell the business out from under his father, an unforgiving Les goes incommunicado and locks himself in the office.

Later, a fight on the floor spills into the parking lot and threatens to get out of control. Questions arise about the authenticity of a rare guitar, necessitating a gut decision from Seth and Les; Ashley and a customer go toe-to-toe with weapons; and a famous wrestler makes an interesting proposition.

Les is put out when he discovers hustlers scamming customers in his own parking lot and moves to put an immediate stop to the rip-offs; a young fashionista is steamed when Seth turns down her goods; and an Xbox hotshot makes the showroom floor his own personal video arcade.

Ashley deals with some mother-daughter drama at the pawn window, and things threaten to get out of hand, while roommates get into an ugly dispute on the floor.

Les and Ashley debate the value of an old bike, while Seth has his hands full with a troublesome Jersey guy. Later, a woman wants more TV than she can handle.

Ashley's sassy attitude is costing the store business, so Les and Seth try to figure out what's bugging her; and a serial-killer groupie brings in some macabre items.

Later, Rich gets to demonstrate his drum skills when a customer brings in a set. At Detroit's annual Dream Cruise, the Golds hope to cash in on automotive merchandise, but when Les passes on an offer for a historic Chevy sign, Seth goes behind his back and purchases it.

Les becomes concerned about Rich after he noticed that he spent too much time talking to a customer on a deal for a call box; however, Seth defends Rich's actions, as he felt it was simply good business.

Les, still sore over Seth's attempt to secretly sell the Pontiac location, refused to give him the benefit of the doubt.

In response, Ashley, who has seen what happened, told Rich that what he did was bad. Rich apologised for his actions, which Ashley and Seth accepted, but Les refuse to accept the apology, as he not only still has not regained Rich's trust that he lost earlier, but he still has a grudge against Seth over Pontiac.

Also: a woman tries to sell a flat-screen TV, but hopes to sell the item diminished when her friend accidentally broke the screen.

A man tries to sell a huge rocking horse -- which he transported in a horse trailer. Another man gets very upset when Seth could not make a sufficient deal over a laptop.

And a man sells rare glass negatives of baseball legend Babe Ruth. A warehouse overflowing with broken electronics prompts Seth to go behind his father's back and order a dumpster in which to deposit the junk; and Ashley has a run-in with a woman whose pawn experience isn't to her liking.

Meanwhile, a man claiming to be a lawyer tries to unload some jewels that may be fake. Seth told Les that he should have done some research on the watch's before he bought it, Seth's suggestion had fallen on deaf ears for Les, until he showed him the outcome on a verification website, which caused Les to turn livid.

Les' ability to close on business transactions comes into question, never more so than when an incredible opportunity presents itself and his children wonder if he'll be able to seal the deal.

Jeff noticed a ring on the floor close to his workstation, but after conferring with Les, he chalked it up as a clumsy accident. However, his suspicions were heighened when he found some scrap jewelry on the floor, leading to he and Les to conclude that an American Jewelry employee is a thief.

After a check on the security cameras yielded nothing due to technical problems, Jeff decides to create a sting operation as a way to catch the thief in the act.

Also: an unruly customer threatens Les with death, resulting in a call to the Detroit Police Department when security found him too tough to handle.

And Seth wonders if they can sell a pair of size 21 sneakers worn by Shaquille O'Neal, which are taking up a lot of space on the sports shelf -- along with some sports jerseys.

Continuing from the previous episode, the following day, Les, Seth and Jeff look at the video footage of the thief after he had taken the gold ring purposely set up as part of the sting operation.

After examining footage from previous days, they not only found their thief, they also found themselves sick and betrayed, as the thief was Joe, American Jewelery's chief of security.

Following Joe's arrest in the previous episode, the employees were shaken up by the events. However, they expressed further displeasure when new security measures are implemented to make sure that no one steals anything.

But when Seth announced that all employees' bags will be searched upon leaving the store, Les and Ashley thought that he went too far.

But that wasn't far enough when Seth also wanted body searches, which he actually carried out despite Les and Ashley's warnings that it may lead to legal troubles for the store.

A man wanted to buy an electric generator after losing power due to an unpaid bill, but refused to deal with Seth -- or even leave the store -- when he was unable to take it home to try it out first.

And another man, unable to sell his ring because Ashley found it to be fake, found himself thrown onto the floor by Byron, the new head of security, when he tried touching Ashley.

The day after Seth imposed his body search policy on his employees, the ladies that worked the redeem windows all took sick leave, leaving Les and Ashley to believe that the new policy is causing them not to come in.

But it would later become possible that they will never return when an employee told Ashley in a phone call that Seth's new policies may cause her to quit.

After Seth rescinded his invasive search policies for American Jewelry's employees, the ladies that worked the redeem windows return to work.

But Seth has a new problem -- profits are down, and he's looking for creative ways to get new customers into the store. Ashley has an idea that she tried out -- an inflatable gorilla with a banner reading "monster deals".

However, Seth has a better promotional plan, which would explain why a couple of customers told Ashley to quit. Go Back. View Devices.

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Topics TruTV , Hardcore Pawn , Reality , Non-scripted.

Hardcore Pawn Stream

Gleich Hardcore Pawn Stream Frauen servierten Bachelor Daniel in der sechsten Nacht der Bares Für Rars Hardcore Pawn Stream. - Hardcore Pawn - Das härteste Pfandhaus Detroits

Die Zwangsvollstrecker 78 Folgen werden demnächst ausgestrahlt. Streaming Guide: Hardcore Pawn Hardcore Pawn is an American reality television series produced by RDF USA and Richard Dominick Productions for truTV about the day-to day operations of American Jewelry and Loan, a family-owned and operated pawn shop in Detroit, Michigan's 8 Mile Road corridor. Hardcore Pawn takes us into the zany world of a large, lucrative pawn shop and the amazing people who bring in everything from alligators to prosthetic limbs. Jetzt Staffel 8 von Hardcore Pawn – Das härteste Pfandhaus Detroits und weitere Staffeln komplett als gratis HD-Stream mehrsprachig online ansehen. % Kostenlos Online + Serien5/5(28). Akzeptieren und weiter. Die 9. Hardcore Pawn — Das härteste Pfandhaus Detroits Staffel 8 Folge 2 HD Deutsch. Medical Detectives - Geheimnisse